Two Guys and a Girl (1998)
Two Guys and a Girl (1998)
This story revolves around the lives of three teenagers, Berg, Pete and Sharon and how their lives are entwined. It further deals with the bonds they share with each other.

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2x01 Two Guys, a Girl and Someone Better

24 September, 1998 4:00 am
When Berg notices he's no longer first in his class he goes out to find who is. He finds out it's a beautiful female co-ed, so he tries to get her get drunk so she won't be able to study for the test the next day.

2x02 Two Guys, a Girl and a Vacation

01 October, 1998 4:00 am
Sharon decides to quit her job but her boss tells her to think it over in Aruba. She decides to bring Pete and Berg along, but problems arise when Pete has a last minute job interview that seems to go on forever. They are then delayed when Sharon must answer questions from reporters at a press conference when her company dumps thirty thousand gallons of toxic waste in Chesapeake Bay. More problems arise for them when Berg has a medical emergency to attend to. They end up missing their flight to Aruba and partying at Beacon Street Pizza.

2x03 Two Guys, a Girl and a Tattoo

08 October, 1998 4:00 am
Pete has a new girlfriend, problem is Berg had a one night stand with her three years ago. He doesn't plan on telling Pete until Pete tells him that their going to spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast. It seems that she got Berg's name tattooed on her ass. Berg sends Sharon into the locker room at her gym to see if the tattoo is still there. It is and now all the women at the gym think she's a lesbian. Berg ends up telling Pete and Pete doesn't care cause he likes her too much.

2x04 Two Guys, a Girl and a Homecoming

15 October, 1998 4:00 am
It's homecoming and Pete and Berg plan to get luxury box seats to the homecoming game to upstage some old college friends. The get them just before the game starts but they're counterfeit so they busted. They escape the security room and get busted again. This time they go to jail. Also Sharon tells her ""friends"" that her boyfriend is a music executive and he thinks she's embarrassed of him cause he's only a jukebox repairman. But then she thinks he's embarrassed of her when she finds out he told his friends she's a stripper.

2x05 Two Guys, a Girl and an Elective

22 October, 1998 4:00 am
Pete has to choose an elective course. He chose metallurgy but when Berg brought his course choice card in he changed it for a course in sports broadcasting. At first Pete's mad at Berg but soon learns to enjoy it. Also Sharon tries to prove that her boyfriend isn't dumb.

2x06 Two Guys, a Girl and a Psycho Halloween

29 October, 1998 4:00 am
It seems as though Berg has lost his mind when he goes on a murderous rampage. The victims (1) Tim, (2) Johnny, (3) Mrs. Himmelfarb, (4) Ashley, (5) Cop, (6) the real Berg (by Pete), (7) Sharon and (8) Pete. However, Berg is innocent it's actually an impersonator that turns out to be Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

2x07 Two Guys, a Girl and an Internship

05 November, 1998 4:00 am
Pete gets an internship thanks to Ashley but gets fired when he's caught having sex with the boss' daughter, Ashley's sister.

2x08 Two Guys, a Girl and a Wedding

12 November, 1998 4:00 am
Pete, Berg and Sharon get invited to the wedding of one of Pete's ex-girlfriends. Pete wants to reveal to the groom that she's only marrying him because she wants to get married, but he doesn't. Ashley finally reveals her true feelings for Berg but she tells him that she has a boyfriend at Oxford.

2x09 Two Guys, a Girl and Oxford

19 November, 1998 4:00 am
When Berg finds out that Ashley went to visit her boyfriend at Oxford he flies all the way to England to be with her. It turns out it is Oxford, Mississippi. Ashley's boyfriend says he'll move to Boston so they can stay together. Pete and Johnny get jobs as limo drivers. Berg and Ashley finally kiss.

2x10 Two Guys, a Girl and a Thanksgiving

26 November, 1998 4:00 am
Sharon and Johnny want to start a new Thanksgiving tradition and be alone. But plans change when Pete's grandpa comes down unannounced and Berg invites Ashley and her boyfriend Justin. Berg and Pete both hate Justin. Berg and Justin both compete for Ashley's love but she apparently dumps both of them. While trying to break Ashley and Justin up Berg almost ends up breaking up Sharon and Johnny.

2x11 Two Guys, a Girl and a Limo

10 December, 1998 4:00 am
Pete enlists the help of a TV love guru to help Berg and Ashley when Berg calls Ashley to tell her that he thinks they shouldn't see each other anymore. She doesn't take very well and breaks down and cries. And for Sharon and Johnny because Sharon is jealous of Johnny's friend Sean when she finds that Sean is a woman.

2x12 Two Guys, a Girl and a Christmas Story

17 December, 1998 4:00 am
Pete embarks on a new relationship with an older woman who has a 10-year old son. Sharon is having trouble organizing an office Christmas party and it's only 4 days till Christmas. Berg is having trouble with one of his older patients who doesn't seem to like him.

2x13 Two Guys, a Girl and a Gamble

07 January, 1999 4:00 am
Pete is put in charge of watching Michael after school which is fine, until he asks Berg to do it for a day. Berg brings Michael to the dog track to help him learn his fractions. Sharon asks Johnny to move in with her.

2x14 Two Guys, a Girl and a Proposal

14 January, 1999 4:00 am
When Sharon uses an embarrassing underwear ad that Berg had posed for four years prior, for a contest he goes to great lengths to get one of her. Pete realizing he has no parental rights with Michael because he's just the guy dating the mother asks Kaitlyn to marry him. She refuses on the basis that they've only known each other a month and tells him that they should take a break from each other for a while.

2x15 Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation

04 February, 1999 4:00 am
When Sharon is up for a new job she learns she never graduated college. When she goes to verify she learns that she hadn't paid her $210 of parking tickets. She had given the money to Pete and Berg so they could go and pay them for her but they had to bail her father out of jail. So she pays the tickets but finds out that the requirements have changed and she needs to retake freshman English. When she puts two and two together she thinks that instead of paying her tickets they had bought a $200 bottle of champagne but later learns the truth, which is that the money she had given them to pay the fines was actually used to bail her father out of jail, after he caused a drunken ruckus due to his recent bankrupcy and the fact that he had just lost his job. The champagne that Pete and berg had was actually a gift from a girl they had never met before

2x16 Two Guys, a Girl and Valentine's Day

11 February, 1999 4:00 am
Pete gets a new extremely peppy best friend, Sharon sets Berg up with Sean so she'll stop seeing Johnny but Sean is secretly in love with Johnny which leads Sharon and Johnny to break up. Sharon and Pete share a passionate kiss at the end of the episode.

2x17 Two Guys, a Girl and the Storm of the Century (1)

18 February, 1999 4:00 am
Berg falls in love with a TV newswoman and goes right in the eye of a huge storm just to ask her out. She agrees but just right after she leaves Berg and Pete's apartment Ashley shows up to tell Berg that she broke up with Justin because Berg's the one she wants.

2x18 Two Guys, a Girl and Ashley's Return (2)

11 March, 1999 4:00 am
Ashley comes back and tells Berg she dumped Justin to be with him. Berg now has quite a dilemma, choose Ashley the woman he's been chasing for months or Vanita a woman he's just met. He wants to choose Vanita because he thinks he has a better chance with her. So he dumps Ashley but she won't let go she follows him to the restaurant where he has a date with Vanita and ends up breaking them up. Johnny and Sharon get back together.

2x19 Two Guys, a Girl and a Fighter

18 March, 1999 4:00 am
Berg gives Ashley a key to his and Pete's apartment without telling Pete. Pete doesn't like because he hates Ashley. Ashley doesn't find out that Pete hates her until Sharon tells her. Now Ashley won't talk to Pete, Sharon won't talk to Ashley because Ashley said Sharon has a big mouth. But they all find someone to blame for this, Johnny. You see Pete went to talk to Sharon and Johnny and Sharon got mad at Johnny for mentioning Shawn's name again so she went upstairs and Ashley was there. Sharon told Ashley Pete hates her and when Pete asked who told her that she said that Sharon told her because Sharon has a big mouth. Berg gets the whole thing settled though. Berg becomes a ringside fight doctor but gets fired when he tells the fighter that he should call it quits because he has extreme brain damage.

2x20 Two Guys, a Girl and a Mother's Day

13 May, 1999 4:00 am
Berg is suspicious that Ashley might be posing nude for a professor. Johnny's four sisters and three of them are pregnant. Berg delivers a baby.

2x21 Two Guys, a Girl and Barenaked Ladies

20 May, 1999 4:00 am
Pete quits his job at the pizza place and tries his hand at psychiatry. The job doesn't work out but he lands a job as a career counselor after he gets his career counselor a better job. It seems he can get a job but for other people. Ashley and Sharon start hanging out together and reveal secrets about Berg.

2x22 Two Guys, a Girl and an Engagement (1)

27 May, 1999 4:00 am
When Johnny tells Pete and Berg that he wants to marry Sharon Pete feels his time to tell Sharon how he really feels about her is running out. Johnny proposes but Sharon just runs out.

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