The Lazarus Project (2022)
The Lazarus Project (2022)
George wakes up to find himself several months in the past before being recruited for the Lazarus Project – a secret organization that turns back time when the world is at threat of extinction.

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2x01 Episode 1

15 November, 2023 10:00 pm
The Lazarus Project team sets out to break the cycle, while a guilt-ridden George is desperate to redeem himself as he attempts to win back the lost trust of his colleagues and Sarah.

2x02 Episode 2

22 November, 2023 10:00 pm
The team attempts to track down the time machine that had been used to transport Janet back to 2012, while an unexpected visitor from the past comes looking for George.

2x03 Episode 3

29 November, 2023 10:00 pm
The Lazarus team gets closer to cracking the science behind time travel. However, what they don’t know is that their mission isn’t quite as straightforward as is making it out to be.

2x04 Episode 4

06 December, 2023 10:00 pm
When the time machine doesn’t work in the way they’d planned, George and the other members of the Lazarus mission are left stranded in the wrong year – but could somebody be conspiring against them?

2x05 Episode 5

13 December, 2023 10:00 pm
While the Lazarus team is trying to find its way back to 2012, Janet is already there, hard at work with Dr Gray.

2x06 Episode 6

20 December, 2023 10:00 pm
After successfully arriving in 2012, George and the Lazarus team face their biggest challenge yet as they attempt to rescue Janet and retrieve the time machine.

2x07 Episode 7

28 December, 2023 10:00 pm
When a catastrophic event severely compromises the Lazarus team’s plans, George and Sarah must work together to execute their mission and are forced to go head-to-head with an unyielding Wes.

2x08 Episode 8

28 December, 2023 10:00 pm
Things come to a head as missions, agents, and issues from the past and present collide in one epic confrontation. George and the other Lazarus agents have just one chance to try and save their own while fixing the three-week loop once and for all.

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